Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Christian view of the Old Testament

Having now entered the period of Great Lent, in which the daily readings from the Gospels and Epistles are replaced with readings from the Old Testament books of Genesis, Isaiah, and Proverbs, I thought it would be appropriate to post this rather nice quote by Blessed Theodoret, which is found on p.219 of Pomazansky's Orthodox Dogmatic Theology (see previous post):

Just as mothers of just-born infants give nourishment by means of the breast, and then light food, and finally, when they become children or youths, give them solid food, so also the God of all things from time to time has given men a more perfect teaching. But, despite all this, we revere also the Old Testament as a mother's breast, only we do not take milk from there; for the perfect have no need of a mother's milk, although they should revere her because it was from there that they received their upbringing. So we also, although we do not any longer observe the circumcision, the Sabbath, the offering of sacrifices, the sprinklings - nonetheless, we take from the Old Testament a different benefit: for it, in a perfect way, instructs us in piety, in faith in God, in love for neighbour, in continence, in justice, in courage, and above all it presents for imitation the examples of the ancient saints (Blessed Theodoret, Brief Exposition of Divine Dogmas)

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